6' 0" Clyde

6' 0" Clyde


6' 0" x 20" x 2 1/2"

Our go to mid length template scaled down in size

More often than not we shape this board in the 7 - 8ft range. Low rocker, pinched rails and rolled from nose to tail. Its designed with trim and good positioning in mind. Search for the parts of the wave that move you and enjoy the speed.

We could have changed the bottom curve and moved the wide point back a little but it felt fun to create a buttery smooth board with all the attributes of it’s bigger brothers in a package that can sneak in and out of those cheeky beach break tubes!

Glassing & Finish

Deck: 6oz + 4oz
Bottom: 6oz
Gloss, Wet & Dry
Two Sided Tint

Single Fin Box


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Low rocker, pinched rails and rolled from nose to tail

Promotes a smooth, flowing style

Infinite possibilities for more experienced surfers and hardened shortboarders looking for a bit of variety in their quiver

Easy paddling for longboarders moving down in length