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We focus on form and function, creating exciting templates that bear tribute to years of experience. Intricacies of design hidden in refined and clean lines.

“Roma is a lot of things but Surfboards are at the heart of what we do. Custom & Stock we’re small and mobile. Trading, hoarding, swapping and moving forward”.

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The “HIPPIE" - “Captain Deacon” - “Grapefruit” - “Carnival”

Up To 6’ 6” £550

6’ 7” - 7’ 2” £580

Price is Plain White Sanded, regular glassing and a PU/Polyester construction


The boards come from the people that know us best and we've built Roma to give you a starting point.

Through some of the best craftsmen in the UK and a constant loop of feedback we have a tight quiver that showcases talent and creates infinite possibilities.

“When you get to know a shaper you can recognize their work. There are elements of a board you see again and again and you trust them to be there next time. You can experiment with a point of reference”.


Finishing Options

Resin Tint - £35 per side

Gloss Wet & Dry - £35

Gloss & Polish £50

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“We are a vehicle for connecting people with the custom process”

Clyde is a smooth, connect the dots single fin. The rails are pinched and the roll in the belly is just right. It’s how we like our midlenghts with the widepoint forward and a pulled in tail.


Stubbys, Mid Lengths, Quad or Keel Fishes

“Cousin Clyde” - “Clyde” - “Merlot” - “Joy”

Up To 6’ 6” £590

6’ 7” - 7’ 2” £620

7’ 3” + £650

Price is Plain White Sanded, regular glassing and a PU/Polyester construction

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It’s something that’s lost when buying a board with the click of a button from a big label made by a ghost shaper. It’s not a slant on anyone’s ability just a disconnect from quite a personal experience.


Longboards, Cruisers & Gliders

“Bloo” - “Big Bloo” - “May” & “Ray”

8’ 6” - 9’ 2” £690

9’ 3” - 9’ 6” £760

9’ 7” - 10’0” £800

Gliders £100 a foot

Price is Plain White Sanded, regular glassing and a PU/Polyester construction

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We work with a shaping and finishing duo that combined has over 50 years of experience, drawing on classic templates and design principles to create progressive, modern surfboards.

If you take something from our quiver as a starting point you can rest assured we took a while getting there.


Hand foiled Fins

From £65

Custom G10 epoxy singles, sidebites and glass ons

Stock fins from RFC here


Marko recycled EPS

For any length or template

+ £100 for EPS/Epoxy

Choose from a range of weights and options including stringerless blanks all from recycled Marko EPS

We finish all EPS/epoxy boards with a super light Epoxy Gloss, Wet & Dry


“The Hippie can be your one board travel solution, happy in heavy beach break, lined up points and hollow reefs but still just as fun when the swell mellows.”

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PU from Surf Blanks Africa, Burford Blanks & more…

Decisions made from years of experimentation, choosing quality that’s built to last

Never cutting corners or making decisions on price alone


You can control the variables and ensure the dimensions and volume fit your needs. Choose PU or EPS. Dial in foam density and stringer composition. The weight of the glassing. Vector net, Kevlar or Volan.

It’s a creative process that draws on old boards, fresh ideas, shared knowledge and an understanding of what has come before.

Find infinite possibilities