High Performance hybrid shortboard

For some it’s a perfect travel companion, a one board quiver comfortable in punchy beach break tubes

For others it’s a little more volume for less than perfect days

Either way there’s enough rocker in the nose for steep drops while the rail lifts through the tail to really perform. The single to double creates lift making the board fast off the front foot while the concave through the fins help channel water where its needed allowing you to drive it confidently through turns and critical sections.

Surf it as a quad or thruster

Most common from 5’ 6” to 6’ 0” and ridden a couple of inches shorter than you might be used too.

These still work all the way to 6’ 6” where we recommend keeping them thin for a knifey and responsive ride while still giving you foam under the front foot, paddle power and a balance of performance and wave count.

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